3D thyroid ultrasound technology with PIUR tUS Infinity

Centro Palmer in Reggio Emilia is the first italian center that uses the PIUR tUS Infinity system in order to obtain a 3d reconstruction of the thyroid gland from conventional 2d ultrasound images.

PIUR tUS Infinity gives me the opportunity to assess thoroughly and in a completely new way the thyroid gland as well as thyroid nodules, neck lymph-nodes and other neck lesions. Thanks to the 3d visualization of thyroid structures, patients can better understand  their clinical status and decide the most suitable treatment. Also, with PIUR tUS Infinity thyroid gland and thyroid nodule volumes are much more accurate.

Here is an example: in figure 1 there is a classic 2D B-mode ultrasound picture of a large benign thyroid nodule that occupies almost the entire right lobe. In figure 2 there is the same thyroid nodule in a 3D reconstruction with the PIUR tUS Infinity system.


Figure 1. Large right thyroid nodule, 2D B-mode ultrasound image


Large right thyroid nodule 3D ultrasound with PIUR tUS Infinity
Figure 2. Large right thyroid nodule, 3D ultrasound image with PIUR tUS Infinity


Petros Tsamatropoulos, MD, Endocrinologist, Centro Palmer


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